Travel to Lithuania

I am starting a new website in English about my country - Lithuania. You may wonder why the World needs another one informational resource about such a small country? Let me explain why.

Trevel2lithuania.net is an informational resource. It's main purpose is to explain WHY someone should travel to Lithuania. Why not staying home and spending some money on drinks, newest iPad or laptop (the price of one of them is the same as travelling to Lithuania and this is no joke!)?

There are several reasons why foreign travelers come to Lithuania and promises to return next year. I will try to present those reasons in an informational article form.

Lithuania has something original to offer. Did you know that you can ride a ostrich near Vilnius at a local ostrich farm? No need to travel to Africa as ostriches lives in Lithuania. We also have the farm of European bisons as they cannot live in wild on their own. That's only a couple of interesting facts about Lithuania which can influence Your decision to come to this beautiful land.

Lithuania is covered with natural forests. 28% of territory is forest  That tells a lot about our air conditions as we do not have huge factories and industrial enterprises - there are no coal, ore, gas, so we are away from those industrial pollution behemoths which kills our planet in some other parts of Europe.

We have coast line. We have 3 international airports. We have highways where you can drive across the country just in 3 hours. We are small but undiscovered by masses of tourists from Western Europe.

We have some mineral resources and resorts. Medical tourism is thriving and we are so proud of our SPAs and clinics. Medical tourism is not presented widely, so there are no row to get into mud bath or swim in mineral water from the depths of Earth.

There is so much to tell You about Lithuania, so we will try to do it step by step in new website Travel2Lithuania.net.


VPS servers

VPS server is a popular name of Virtual Private Server – one of the most advanced hosting services in entire industry. VPS is so popular because of cloud technologies used to manage this type of web hosting. Let us introduce this service and term.

What is a VPS server?

VPS server is not a stand-alone dedicated server. It is not even a physical thing. It is a virtual part in few servers connected to a one service and protected from the other users or outsiders. That is why we read Virtual Private Server. It is sometimes called VDS server – Virtual dedicated server, but it means the same. Virtualization technology based closed and secured server.

What is a VPS server service?

The VPS server service is also called Cloud hosting as it uses the Cloud computing technologies to deploy and manage the server resources. The main cloud technology is virtualization. That means the space in different dedicated servers is divided into special nodes which have own storage space, CPU and RAM as well as bandwidth. Connecting several nodes into one will grant the bigger storage, CPU, RAM and bandwidth. This technology is well developed and still being developed by the major software providers. Is it secure? Absolutely! If one of the dedicated servers with one node is damaged, infected, hacked or malfunctioning, the data is not lost as it is distributed among the other nodes as well. Another advantage of VPS hosting is that additional resources can be added to the service in minutes as they do not require turning off the server itself (like managing dedicated servers). This means that server will be functioning interruptedly all the time. Additional features can be installed on demand every time customer needs. Payment for the service may be different – monthly or based on resources used actually.

Who need VPS server?

VPS server is a great option for middle and large business as well as enterprises which use their storage for other reasons besides website hosting and e-mail. VPS servers can be used:

  • By personal blogs and business websites with huge traffic;
  • By any size companies with the websites which contain lots of downloadable material;
  • By social networks, forums, and other communities with high activity;
  • By the companies that have streaming media in their websites;
  • By the companies who want to have some secure collaboration and business management tools like ERP, CRM, Project management tools, internal social networks, online accounting solutions etc.
  • Anyone who would like paying for what they actually use instead of fixed monthly fees.


I have discovered amber teething necklaces

I am a father of two boys. I have been with them all the time since they were babies and hopefully will be with their babies when my boys will have their own families. I have experienced the hopeless situation when first teeth are growing, tearing the gum and baby is crying two days in a row. I could not give Ibuprofen or any other pain killer to my 5 months old son. The only thing I could do was carry them all night. That was a nightmare to me and to my baby. My wife was exhausted and was taking pain killers as she could not sleep and rest neither in a day time nor at night. The teeth growth is painful not only for short man, but also for us – parents.

Now my boys are at the age to lose their first teeth so the new ones will grow. I teach them to suffer teeth pain as real man does not cry. That sounds ridiculous, but that’s true.

Only now I found some information about amber teething necklaces. Amazingly I live in a country where we can collect pieces of amber ourselves. We did that 2 last summers at the seashore of the Baltic Sea. Now those amber pieces lay down in the bottom of our aquarium with our fish. Amber is natural for us, just like other stones. I did not imagine that amber necklaces are used for pain relief and immune system support. Los Angeles, London, Miami, and Sydney value those little honey color stones on the thin rope more than I do.

I also did not imagine that our jewelry masters work hard to make those small amber teething necklaces and sell them online for just 20 dollars. Sometimes information comes all the way round till it reaches one’s mind. That is amazing, that I have found out lots of information about my country production from US websites and blogs. It’s like going from New York to New Jersey through Paris. Anyway, now I am aware of amber teething necklace effects, so I will be able to use them in future. They are so cheap in my country, much cheaper than simple rattling baby toy which are forgotten and thrown away after half a year of using it.
I am dad from Lithuania, one of the Baltic states who rediscovered Baltic amber – the precious of our country and I am proud of it.


Child birthday party in UK - Affiliate program

I have started working in the new business. It's promotion of a child birthday party in London, UK. The business works on affiliate basis, so I can advertise the child birthday events with the help of Go-Crazy.co.uk affiliate program Eventreservation.eu. The program offers 20% share revenue deal.

Go-Crazy.co.uk is an event planning agency based in London. We have been working internationally for 5 years already. Go-crazy.co.uk presents 3 event scenarios for UK market:

All these events can be advertised using special tracking links from affiliate backend. The commission is generous - 20 percent from each event sold. Event prices rages from 295 to 600 pounds, so earnings are quite decent ones. Child birthday party planners and entertainers usually do not work online very actively, therefore this affiliate program is unique. It is suitable for all the parenting blogs, websites, communities and even Twitter communities and Facebook pages. Strange situation is that parenting bloggers prefer instant ads with instant payments rather than possibility to earn more without any effort. The most popular way of online earnings in this market is Google Adwords and paid review in a blog. 

Go-crazy.co.uk events are quite original, but therefore more expensive than other ones in the UK,s market. They have been tested for already five years, therefore their scenarios are unique and interesting.

If you have any questions about the Go-Crazy.co.uk affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact the affiliate manager. Or simply register by filling the special registration form.

If you would like to order the children party, please get a quote:


Perfect idea for a stag party in UK

One of the most important days in men's lives are the last days of theyr masculine freedom before the wedding and long and difficult marriage. No longer poker till 6 a.m. on Wednesdays with friends, no longer sock in the corner, no more loud farthing and missing the tootch brushing rituals. The last days must be very important as they must be celebrated in a crazy and fun ways.

One of the most popular bachelor's nigh party is a poker night and some drinks, but next day you berely remember what you were doing in the end of the party. Therefore lads can try something new and original. For example stag party where all the participants are going out dressed like prison-breaks.

Girls also love to run away from the pre-wedding preparation madness with their best friends. Girls are really crazy party lovers as they drink, relax, hang-up some men, dance on a pole in strip bar, but also cannot remember anything next day. Imagine, if they were searched by real soldiers and do some military tasks. Shooting at the target paper with men figures can be so exciting (not real gun, just replica as it must be safe). Ladies love men in uniforms, thats for sure. ;)

Similar hen and stag party ideas can be offered by GoCrazy party planners in London, UK.
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